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Cloud Computing


What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a revolutionary technology that has changed the way businesses operate and manage their digital resources. In simple terms, it allows organizations to store, manage, and access their data, applications, and software on remote servers over the internet, rather than on local, physical computers or servers.

Certainty Infotech provides tailored Cloud Computing services, unlocking the cloud's limitless potential for organizations. Discover how we elevate your digital landscape through expertise and excellence.

4 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Increased Competitiveness and Innovation /

Embrace data engineering and stay ahead in the race. Leverage insights, innovate swiftly, and make informed decisions to outperform competitors.

Scale Rapidly /

Effortlessly expand your data capabilities with our scalable solutions. Adapt to growing data volumes and evolving needs without hindrance.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs /

Cut down on the expenses of maintaining extensive infrastructure. Our efficient data engineering streamlines operations, saving valuable resources.

Improve Disaster Recovery Capabilities /

Protect your data with robust disaster recovery solutions. Ensure data integrity and seamless recovery in the face of unforeseen events.
Why choose us for

Cloud Computing Services

Our team excels in deploying cloud solutions to enhance operational efficiency and agility. We work with leading cloud providers to ensure the delivery of a secure, dependable, and scalable cloud infrastructure.

What we offer

Our Cloud Computing Services

Data Modernization 01
Streamline Data Management for Efficiency

Effortlessly move your data from on-premise environments to cutting-edge cloud-based data services. Certainty Infotech specializes in streamlining data management, ensuring that valuable information is securely stored and readily accessible for businesses.
Application Migration 02
Seamless Transition to the Cloud

Our application migration service focuses on seamlessly transferring legacy software and applications from on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based environments. This enables businesses to harness the scalability and agility of cloud computing while preserving their critical software assets.
Cloud Management 03
Effortless Cloud Configuration and Administration

Certainty Infotech provides comprehensive cloud management solutions, functioning as a dedicated partner in overseeing and optimizing cloud resources. Our expertise ensures that cloud configurations are finely tuned for performance and cost-effectiveness, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.
Cloud Application Support 04
Keeping Cloud Apps Running Smoothly

Our cloud application support service offers reliable maintenance and troubleshooting for existing cloud-based applications. We ensure that these applications operate smoothly, providing ongoing assistance and resolving issues promptly to minimize disruptions.
DevOps 05
Accelerated Software Development

DevOps represents a collaborative approach to software development and IT operations, aimed at enhancing efficiency and quality. Certainty Infotech integrates DevOps practices to accelerate the creation and delivery of software solutions, helping businesses stay competitive in the digital landscape.
Tools & Technologies

Discover Our Cloud Expertise

At Certainty, we offer cutting-edge cloud infrastructure solutions and utilize a range of powerful tools to empower your organization in harnessing the full potential of the cloud for scalability, security, and success.

Leveraging Gradel, Jenkins, Docker, and GIT, our toolkit ensures efficient integration and version control, enhancing data modernization processes.
Our tool-stack orchestrates collaborative development and streamlined deployment workflows using Jira Software, Puppet, Chef, Terraform & more.
Harnessing the capabilities of AWS, Azure, Amazon RDS, we ensure scalable, secure, and high-performing cloud solutions.
Navigating seamless application migration, our toolkit relies on Google Cloud Platform, AWS Lambda, Amazon CloudFront for reliable and scalable support solutions.
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