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Our Culture

Keep learning is our motto, and at Certainty, we believe in continuous learning. It is also essential to stay one step ahead in such a rapidly advancing field. We enable individuals to access content from a wide range of internal and external sources to create personalized learning programs. Moreover, we believe in internal knowledge-sharing and mentoring for effective learning and skill development.


We are a rapidly growing company, and it's because of the development of our employees. We are an employee-centric organization with a focus on the growth of individual employees. We create individual development plans to chart the career path based on the individual's aspirations. Counselling and mentoring are additional aspects to ensure the direction of the growth path.

Cultural Pillars

The following defines the culture at Certainty: Belief in team & teamwork, the understanding that good decisions can come from anywhere, respect & fairness for everyone, an environment of trust & integrity, result-oriented performance, decentralized accountability & responsibility, effective communication at all levels, a learning environment, and openness to speak without fear.

Current Openings

Job Specifications:
• Requires 8-10 years of experience in React.js, Node.js, Next.js, Redux, and Vue.js.
• Lead a team of developers in designing, developing, and deploying software solutions.
• Possess in-depth knowledge of the software development life cycle.
• Manage the deployment of websites, CI/CD pipelines, and Git.
• Ensure adherence to coding standards and best practices.
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design and implement new features.


Experience (Years) : 8-10 years


Number of Positions : 1


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Job Specifications:
• Strong programming background with focus on Python and statistics.
• Familiarity with the life cycle of ML model development with experience in bringing them to production.
• Experience of designing and operating cloud-based systems.
• Experience of messaging platforms.
• Competence with infrastructure as code (Terraform & cloud formation)


Experience (Years) : 3+ years


Number of Positions : 1


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