Grow with us!!!


We are hiring:

Front-end developers (Node.js, React.js)
Back-end developers (Java / Python)
Business Development Manager


Keep learning is our motto and at Certainty, we believe in continuous learning. It is also demanded in order to stay one step ahead of the game is such a rapidly advancing field. We enable individuals to access content from a wide range of internal and external sources to create individual learning programs. Moreover, we also believe in internal knowledge-sharing and mentoring for effective learning & skill development.


We are rapidly growing company and it’s because of the growth of our employees. We are employee-centric organization with the focus on growth of individual employees. We create individual development plan to chart down the career path based on the individual’s aspirations. The counselling & mentoring is another aspect to ensure the direction of the growth path.


The following define the culture at Certainty:

• Belief in team & teamwork
• Good decisions can come from anywhere
• Respect & fairness with everyone
• Environment of trust & integrity
• Result-oriented performance
• Decentralized accountability & responsibility
• Effective communication at all levels
• Learning environment
• Openness to speak without fear

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